We are Dor-2-Dor - The fast growing UK leaflet distribution and print specialists.

It's only natural that our customers want to be sure that We Are Delivering properly their valuable advertising material bringing you information about new exciting services and offers of all kinds from both national, local businesses and government organisations.

It is very important to us to know if our deliverers are doing their job properly. We would therefore be very grateful if you would answer a few simple questions about how the leaflets were delivered to your property thus indicating the quality of service we provide to our customers.
We also need your Name, Address and Postcode so that we can identify the individual Post Person™ who is working in your area.

As a thank you for supplying your name and address and answering the 4 simple questions we will include you every week (as long as you remain registered as a Leaflet Lookout for DOR-2-DOR and continue to reside in an area covered by a DOR-2-DOR Office) in our DOR-2-DOR National Lottery Syndicate.

The details of the syndicate are as follows:

The DOR-2-DOR syndicate purchases weekly tickets in the National-Lottery, Lotto Draw. Currently the syndicate only purchases tickets in the Saturday draw, we do NOT purchase for the Wednesday draw.

Once you have registered to be a Leaflet Lookout and answered the 4 simple questions you will be included in the syndicate every week as long as you remain registered. Entry registrations received after Thursday each week will be included in the following week's draw and thereafter until you deregister. It is only necessary to register once. Separate members of a household may individually register with their own, unique email address.

The syndicate is a non-profit making venture. All winnings less postal expenses will be returned to the syndicate members. We will choose numbers and purchase entries on behalf of the syndicate on a weekly basis. From October 5th 2013 prizes in the National Lottery range from £25 to as much as £20 million plus. Any prizes we win will be distributed equally amongst all syndicate members. However due to administration costs any prize that would result in distributions of less than £25 per member will be re-invested in the syndicate.

Please note if you move from the address you originally registered at your registration will no longer be valid. If you change your postal address you must deregister and reregister using your new address . DOR-2-DOR operates through its franchise network and the syndicate in which you are included will be operated independently by your local franchisee not DOR-2-DOR (UK). If your email address becomes invalid for any reason and therefore you cannot be contacted by email your registration becomes automatically void and you are then no longer a member of the syndicate.

If you change your email address please let us know by emailing your name, postal address and new email address to leafletlookouts@dor2dor.com

Your assistance is appreciated, Thank you.

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