Leaflet Lookouts Information

We are a very successful Leaflet Distribution and Printing Company™ our head office is based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire but we also operate through a network of franchisees in various locations across the UK. It is important that we regularly monitor the work of our Post People to ensure that they are carefully delivering our clients material. We have found it very effective to ask you to tell us if we are doing a professional job by asking you 4 simple questions;

1) Were the leaflets pushed right through the letterbox?

2) Were the leaflets separate or folded?

3) Were the leaflets delivered properly in flats (ie in each letterbox not on the stairs?

4) Were the leaflets delivered at a reasonable hour ie between 7am and 9pm?

As a thank you for replying and providing the information we need we will enter you in our weekly National Lottery syndicate. We purchase tickets for the Saturday Draw only If you don't mind us telephoning you occasionally to ask what leaflets you have received we will include you every week in the syndicate and you only need to enter your details once. We may also ask you to keep a note of all leaflets that come through your letterbox and if you get an email from the local franchised office they will give you an email address in which to advise them of what has been coming through your letterbox.

Please note you must advise us if you move because if you no longer live in a DOR-2-DOR drop area your registration will no longer be valid. Please email leafletlookouts@dor2dor.com if you change your address we will then unsubscribe you from the list. Please then re-register at your new address. The same applies if you change your email address for any reason.

If at any time in the future you no longer wish to be a DOR-2-DOR Leaflet Lookout please simply send us an email leafletlookouts@dor2dor.com and we will immediately remove all your details from the system and you will cease to be a member of the DOR-2-DOR Leaflet Lookouts syndicate.

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